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The ultimate still in home distilling, the T500 is a must for anyone who wishes to distil their own essential oils, water, or to produce quality spirits and liqueurs at home. Once you are set up you are looking at between $12 to $15 cost per bottle of the very best spirits.

Part of the Alchemist series, this Artisan Copper Condenser is the world's most advanced fractionating column for home distillation. It is designed to produce commercial grade extremely high purity alcohol (93%+) and to provide a maximum alcohol yield (95%+). As it comes ready to use, it is extremely simple to operate and is a stunning looking handcrafted solid copper condenser.

“A beautifully engineered unit, it really is one for the purists out there, those who strive for an almost perfectly clean spirit”.

The T500 is a must for anyone who wishes to distil their own essential oils, water, or to produce quality spirits and liqueurs at home. Once you are set up you are looking at between $12 to $15 cost per bottle of the very best spirits.

PLUS you are guaranteed 100% support and friendly advice from the people at Home Brew Gold Coast, who have been selling and advising on home brewing products since July 2001.

Reasons to choose the T500 Still System Kit

  • The T500 is the bestselling small batch still in the world
  • It’s also one of the most affordable small-batch distillation system available made from high quality 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Includes the T500 Copper Condenser and  25L Boiler, as well as a variety pack of Essences and all of the ingredients, equipment and consumables with nothing else required to start producing quality spirits and liqueurs at home
  • This Kit comes with a 24-month manufacturer’s Warranty



VIDEO ONE: MAKING THE WASH - https://youtu.be/Y6Ql8GYEHag

VIDEO TWO: DISTILLING - https://youtu.be/WiQUUF6cQZ8  




Turbo T500 COPPER Condenser



Comes with the following: *Column assembly with condenser water connections *Digital temperature probe to measure the water outflow temperature *Water Flow controller and tap adaptor *Distilling Conditioner *Copper  saddles pre-packed

25L Mangrove Jacks Boiler



Designed and assembled in New Zealand, the world's most advanced fractionating column for home use. It includes stainless Steel Construction, faucet adaptor for ease of water flow adjustment, 1800w integrated element; boil dry reset, thermal cut out fuse and waste discharge tap.

EZ Filter System



Specifically designed for the maximum purification of alcohol or water. The EZ Filter is the latest development in alcohol filtration. It uses a specially formulated solid activated carbon cartridge to remove unwanted flavours from distilled alcohol.

Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator


Specifically designed for the maximum purification of alcohol or water. The EZ Filter is the latest development in alcohol filtration. It uses a specially formulated solid activated carbon cartridge to remove unwanted flavours from distilled alcohol.

The Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator will help you to perfectly control your water flow, speeding up your distillation when using your still. Connect this device to your tap, let it fill with water, and you have a reservoir of water for your still. With the water flow regulator fitted to your tap you never have to worry about temperature variation again. High quality and simple to use.

The Water Flow Regulator includes:

• It's own built in pump to supply water to your still

• A float valve to regulate how much water it holds

• A water flow controller, so that you can set it to the exact flow rate for your needs

• A cool reservoir to store up to 1 L of water.



·        30L plastic fermenter + tap

·        sediment reducer, airlock, grommet, thermometer

·        5L measuring jug

·        stirring spoon

·        hydrometer

·        alcometer

ESSENCES – Your Choice


Link to essence page of my eBay shop where you can view the essence listings


Note: Write down the flavours you want and email us your choice.

[4] STILL SPIRITS PREMIUM CLASSIC FLAVOURS (Double Packs) - Each double pack makes [2.250L]

[4] TOP SHELF ESSENCES - Each 50ml bottle makes [2.250L]

[3] STILL SPIRITS ICON LIQUEURS - Each bottle [330ml makes up 1L] - only Butterscotch Schnapps, Southern Smooth, Cafelua and Choc Rum flavours available.



[1] Bourbon Staves 200g (deeply charred 100% American Oak)

[1] Turbo Classic 6 Yeast - Specifically formulated to ferment 6 kg of sugar across a wide range of temperatures, while still producing a clean tasting spirit. Produces 3.8L (93%).

[1] Samuel Willard's 48 Temp Tolerant Yeast (only available in the)- Samuel Willards Original is specially formatted for Australian conditions. The 48 hour Turbo Yeast is designed for use when regional temperature conditions have to be considered for both heat and cold and can produce 14% ABV in 48 hours from 6KG of sugar, or 20% ABV in 4~5 days from 8KG of Sugar.

[2] Classic 8 Turbo Yeast is the best all-rounder, performing excellently under most conditions. It's fast, capable of fermenting 6kg of sugar in 36 hours & has excellent temperature tolerance. Produces 5.3L (93%)

[1] Heat Turbo Yeast The best yeast for hot conditions. The only Turbo yeast to use when the air temperature is above 30C. Delivers excellent quality alcohol in hot conditions. The only Turbo Yeast recommended for 'stacking'. Produces 3.6L (93%)

[5] Turbo Carbon - Ultimate spirit quality. Essential for removing impurities during fermentation for ultimate distillate quality.

[5] Turbo Clear - Use Turbo Clear A and B combo pack to remove unwanted yeast and other compounds from the wash.

[20] EZ Filter Washes

[5] EZ Filter Cartridges

[1] Top Shelf Distilling Conditioner

[1] No Rinse Steriliser 250g

[1] ECD Cold Water Detergent 250g

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It is not legal to separate water and alcohol via distillation in a still without a permit. UK In the UK it is illegal to manufacture spirits without a distiller’s licence which is required under the provisions.