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T500 Still System Water Flow Regulator improves performance for all reflux stills. Connect this device to your tap, let it fill with water, and you have a reservoir of water for your still. Still Spirits have designed this regulator especially for your T500.

The water flow regulator eliminates water pressure fluctuations often found in homes with tank water systems or older flats and houses. This unit will improve performance for all reflux stills.

A steady water flow throughout your distillation greatly increases the quality and consistency of your distillate.

The Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator will help you to perfectly control your water flow, speeding up your distillation when using your still. 

The Water Flow Regulator includes:

  • Its own built in pump to supply water to your still
  • A float valve to regulate how much water it holds
  • A water flow controller, so that you can set it to the exact flow rate for your needs
  • A cool reservoir to store up to 1 L of water.

With this connected to your still, you never have to worry about temperature variation again. High quality and simple to use


2 years

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