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Craft Kit Recipe Book:
Includes 10 Gin Recipes
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Air Still Mini Distillery Plus Gin Craft Kit Plus Consumables

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By combining the Still Spirits Air Still and the Still Spirits Gin craft kit you have the opportunity to tap into endless possibilities to create your very own, uniquely flavoured gin.

To help you get started there are recipes for creating Big Bern Dry Gin | Wild Berry Gin | Dark Berry Gin | Tower of London Dry Gin | White Swan Dry Gin | Pink Grapefruit Gin | Pink Gin | Elderflower Gin | South West Gin | Sapphire Isles Gin flavouring.

This Air Still pack contains enough consumables for your to make up to 10 litres of 40% alcohol. 

The Air Still Mini Distillery Kit contains everything you need to distil water, essential oil (minus the botanicals) and up to 2 L of vodka every 2 hours. Packaged in an attractive Still Spirits designed box.

This compact and sleek-stainless steel Air Still is designed for alcohol, water and oil distillate. The Air Still is extremely easy to use, requires no water and is powered by electricity making it great to use in your kitchen, boat, or campervan. Perfect for distilling small quantities at one time. 

Suitable for new distillers, no experience required! 

Kit includes: 
• Air Still
• 10 L Fermenter with Thermometer
• Carbon Filter System with Spirit Collector
• Mixing Spoon
• Distilling Conditioner
• Boil Enhancers 
• Air Still Fermentation Kit (Turbo Yeast & Nutrients,Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear for making a wash)
• 2 x Flavoured Vodka Essences (for flavoured water or vodka)
• Hydrometer
• Instructions

Gin Craft Kit

A kit for crafting your gin, specific to your taste preference. There are a number of different flavours and adjuncts for you to craft your gin just the way you want to. These kits provide recipe booklets and all the tools needed to formulate your own favourite evoked tastes, or experiment to create a genuinely unique taste sensation.

Gin Kit Includes (50ml bottles):

Almond Flavouring, Cinnamon & Cardamom Flavouring, Citrus – Bitter Orange Flavouring, Citrus – Grapefruit & Lime Flavouring, Citrus – Lemon Flavouring, Dark Fruits – Blackberry & Blueberry Flavouring, Red Fruits – Raspberry & Strawberry Flavouring, Floral Notes – Elderflower & Lavender Flavouring, Root Notes – Angelica & Orris Flavouring, Grains of Paradise & Cubeb Flavouring, Juniper & Coriander Flavouring, Liquorice Flavouring, Gin Base Flavouring x 2, Glycerine Adjunct, Pipette, Syringe, Syringe Extension Tube and Recipe Booklet.


Big Ben Dry Gin, Wild Berry Gin, Tower of London Dry gin, White Swan Dry Gin, South West Gin, sapphire Isles Dry Gin, Pink Grapefruit Gin, Pink Gin, Elderflower Gin, Dark Berry Gin.


[4] Additional Fermentation Packs (makes an extra 8 L of spirit)

[1] Additional Boil Enhances Pack

[2] Additional box of Air Still Carbon Cartridges (20)

[1] Additional pack of Air Still Washers

[1] ECD Cold Water Cleaner 250g

[1] No Rinse Steriliser 250g


2 yrs manufacturers warranty on all equipment