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1KG Still Spirits Bourbon Staves Deeply Charred 100% American Oak

The ultimate bourbon experience, Still Spirits bourbon staves are sourced from quality distilleries using genuine bourbon barrels consisting of deeply charred 100% American oak.

Imported Kentucky Bourbon barrels are cut into chunks to create Still Spirits Oak Staves. Each stave features the charred inside of the barrel. When soaked in distilled spirit, intense robust whisky and bourbon flavours are created together with genuine oak colour. 

They are versatile, as they provide genuine authentic flavours for both Scotch Whiskey and American Bourbon.

These oak staves give a complex oak flavour profile to produce the ultimate bourbon experience. Soak 100 grams of bourbon staves for every 1125mL of alcohol for a minimum of 7-10 days. Add your desired Still Spirits essence and enjoy. The amount of essence required will depend on soaking time of staves and personal drink preference. The longer you soak the alcohol, the more intense the flavour.