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Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Infuser with Lid

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10cm [Top] x 5.2cm [Bottom] x 6.2cm [H]

Stainless Steel Tea Cup Infuser with lid: This tea infuser is a high quality stainless steel tea cup strainer/leaf infuser that we 100% stand behind. This tea infuser ensures a great brew every time - even with very fine cut tea leaves! So easy to use, simply put into your cup, mug or pot, add tea leaves, pour in hot water and enjoy!

The lid serves as a lid, whilst the tea is brewing, and as a base for standing the infuser in when you remove it from your tea cup.

Material: High quality stainless steel with micro holes - perfect for brewing your favourite teas without any of the little bits left in your cup!

Dimensions: Height: 7.5cm, Width inc. arms: 10cm

Care Instructions: This is the easiest tea infuser you will ever own, simply rinse out tea leaves and dry after each use.

Looking for the ideal gift?

Our stainless-steel Tea Canister plus Mesh Tea Infuser with Lid plus 400g of their favourite tea will go down a real treat for the tea-lover in your family. Both the Tea Canister and tea infuser is discounted when you bundle them with 400g of tea.

To get the discount select the tea of your choice from our website and then select the Tea Canister + Infuser option that appears as an optional extra on the tea listing.