Organic Echinacea Boost ~Certified Organic~

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A fantastic boost for your immune system.
  • Stainless Tea Canister with glass see-through lid.
  • stainless steel mesh tea infuser with lid

ECHINACEA BOOST: Ingredients: Echinacea, Spearmint, Ginger, Lemon Grass and Siberian Ginseng

100% Certified Organic: You will love this amazingly fresh, healthy and minty herbal blend. A fantastic boost for your immune system. Not only does this herbal blend encourage the immune system, it also reduces many of the symptoms of colds, flu and some infections.

Taste: Lovely minty taste with the zing of ginger

Benefits: Echinacea – good for colds, infections, indigestion, migraines. Siberian Ginseng – strengthens the body and increases resistance to daily stress. Spearmint – relieves indigestion, headaches, sore throats. Ginger – used for nausea, digestive issues, pain and inflammation reduction. Lemongrass – helps to relieve stomachache, coughs, vomiting, high blood pressure.

How to enjoy: 2 teaspoons per medium pot. Water temp 100ºC. Infusing time 3 mins.

Kombucha: Herbs / Tisanes in your 2nd ferment can be very beneficial for your health. Use 15ml of this herb per 750ml bottle of kombucha tea, or adjust to your liking.

Certified Organic

Why Choose Certified Organic Loose-leaf Tea?

Shipping: Our Certified Organic Teas & Herbs are delivered in sealed, air-tight pouches.

Stainless-steel Tea Canister

Each boxed canister holds between 400g – 500g of loose-leaf black or green tea and between 100g - 400g of herbs or tisanes.

The lid of the canister is see-through glass with an airtight rubber seal (see images) and a clip-down steel clasp. You will be provided with 2 attractive labels to stick on the canister. One 'Certified Organic' label and a label with the name and health benefits of the tea printed on it.

Canister Size: 19.5cm [H] x 12.5cm [W].

Stainless-steel Mesh Tea Infuser with Lid

This tea infuser is a high-quality stainless-steel teacup strainer/leaf infuser. It ensures a great brew every time - even with very fine cut tea leaves! So easy to use, simply put into your cup, mug or pot, add tea leaves, pour in hot water and enjoy!

The lid serves as a lid, whilst the tea is brewing, and as a base for standing the infuser in when you remove it from your teacup.

Material: High quality stainless steel with micro holes - perfect for brewing your favourite teas without any of the little bits left in your cup!

Dimensions: Height: 7.5cm, Width including arms: 10cm

Care Instructions: This is the easiest tea infuser you will ever own, simply rinse out tea leaves and dry after each use.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC:- All our listed teas, herbs and herbal infusions are Certified Organic products for those seeking alternative remedies and therapies for health, healing and general well-being. Certified Organic refers to plants grown without the use of synthetic or toxic substances for a three-year minimum period. Artificial colours or fragrances cannot have been added. If we look at the term "certified organic" on a label, we know it to mean grown and cultivated without the use of chemicals. The term “Certified Organic” is overseen by several internationally recognized bodies. ~Organic (non-certified) means a compound that contains a carbon atom. Carbon is found in anything that has ever lived. This means that anyone can call his or her product “organic” without legal consequence because as yet there are no governing authorities monitoring companies who abuse this terminology of organic~ Our supplier undergoes a strict auditing process annually to ensure they comply with the rigorous standards involved in being Certified Organic. ACO Certificate No: 274P