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Use the heat belt to help maintain temperatures while your beer ferments.

Simply tighten the belt around your fermentation vessel and alter the temperature by adjusting its position. Lowering the belt helps to increase the temperature of your fermentation while raising it will help to decrease the temperature.

Perfect for keeping your home brew warm during the colder days and nights. Provides a low, constant heat where it is needed for fermentation. Aids yeast activity and helps to avoid stuck fermentation.

The home brew wrap-around electric heater fits around a standard 15-25 litre brewing fermenter and fermenting crocks to provide steady constant warmth.

To fit: Place the belt around the outside of the fermenter approximately 45mm from the bottom and adjust it to fit by tightening the mains lead via the hole in outer end of the belt.

Do not over tighten, twist, tie or fasten the heater in any other way. Connect the power supply after fitting.

To clean spillage off your heater disconnect power supply and wipe dry. Do not use heater again until it is completely dry.

When air temperature exceeds 20C shift the heater up to approximately 150mm from the bottom and when the ambient temperature exceeds 24C switch the heater off. This action should keep the brew at 20-26C depending on ambient temperature.

Suitable for a variety of fermenters

Power: 220-240V, 25W, 50/60HZ. This product is compliant with AS/NZ Standard 60355-2-15 BS/EN 60335-2-15.

Heat Pad Specs:

Provides a low constant heat where it is needed for fermentation
Aids yeast activity and helps avoid stuck fermentation
Can also be used for seed germinating and hydroponics
Inexpensive to run.
Voltage: 220-240V
Power: 25W
Colour: Black

2 years Australian Electrical Standards Approved